Lord to fix and heal my relationship with the man I made a family with…

by Nikki (Ny)

Dear god, please help me fix my relationship of about 6 years. I have 2 wonderful boys with him, he mean the world to me. we having problems and we not getting along… Please lord help us restore Our relationship and love for each other. Let us grow stronger as a couple, be there for each no matter what and never lose love for each other, let our love grow stronger for each other and don’t Let no one get between us and be a happy family please lord I love terrique so much with all my heart and I don’t want lose him.

Sorry for all that I done and said to push him alway please bring him back to me and let him know that I love him, please lord may you make each one of us realize each other worth and understand each other and let him be honest with me, let us forgive each other and let the past go and move on and have a future with each other, trust each other again and let & keep him faithful and loyal to me and let him treat me right, care about each other feelings and have respect for each other.

Lord I will do any thing u ask from me lord ….help me.. Please lord keep us together and heal and fix our relationship and our family we made with each other please lord help me…..thank u for hearing prayer lord…I love u lord. Amen.

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  1. i pray and my pray wasnt answer

    He still not back in my life…. He use me and cheat on me…. Now about to have a four child with him…. And he messing around and not helping with the kids… Disrespecting me every chance he get…. Hurting me and lauching at me like i am a joke he lies so much and turn people against me with his lies and tell me that i am going to be alone with my kids … That he going to be with another woman and thst they dont care about me having another baby from him….. I blame my self cause i gave him so many chance and he stub me on my back….. Like always…. He mistreat me bad and wish death on me and kick me out the house so many time even when i pay rent and bills and he truing take my kids away for another woman take care of them…. When i take good care of my kids and i am a good woman. I feel alone..

  2. No judgement here

    by Anonymous

    Whom ever posted that response I assume you are here for a reason. A request for prayers is not a request for your ideas, at this point it’s clear the woman you responded to needs supernatural healing from God.
    praying for you as well.
    Luke 5:32

  3. Nikki

    I am standing with you in prayer. God Bless you!! I am sorry and pray your family is restored!!!

  4. heal our relationship

    most of us understand that how it feels going through such situations…
    i pray for you to heal your relationship may lord fill his heart with love for you… plz be strong… amen

  5. Idea

    You say nothing about him being your husband. Getting married before the relationship would have been a good idea.

  6. help to build up my marriage

    ive turn to one year yesterday but i see me alone with my four kids.my husband turn a relationship with an other married.but we had married civil for fifteen years.please help me to get what is mine back please.

  7. God please help with this man

    God please help me… I need you… I prayer every day for this relationship, it seems that it getting worse everyday and he don’t respect me at all… He keep on talking to other woman and cheating on me and doing things behind my back to hurt me more. god please help me and heal this relationship and family that I made with him.. Thats all I got… And its breaking apart please keep us and heal us and fixes it as well.. Please god.. Thank you.. Aman.

  8. God bless you Rosa

    Me and my family thank you, Rosa.. I hope things will be restore and heal in my relationship.. I pray every day… I am very thankful for your prayer and god bless you. : )

  9. You are in my thoughts

    I sympathize with your situtation as I am going through same situation with my ex, together for 6 years. They were very hard years but I know the feeling of wanting God to restore and renew your relationship. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are for your family to be restored and especially for God to make both of you new and loving towards each other but mostly for your children as they too suffer because of relationship issues. Please be patient and take care. -rose-

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