Lord, thank you for the gift of my family growing up

by Tori (Los Angeles, CA)

Lord, thank you for the gift of my family growing up. We had so much fun and became like siblings. We didn’t stay as we developed our families and when I asked for help and they broke their promise to be there, it hurt. My heart carries a hole for their absence all these years, and I pray to forgive them permanently and I pray for understanding of their situations. I pray to consider and I pray to be considered by those YOU want me to be considered by. I pray to create my extended family w/ friends who surround me and allow my sibs/cousins to grow without me. My cousins are lovely people, and they have their strengths. I pray to share Your love by forgiving. I pray to give to many without expecting anything in return. I pray to let go of the importance of “being left out” and focus on “being there for them.” Fill the hole in my heart with your devotion and love that is how I lived my life and how I want to continue living my live.