Lord thank you for providing me the opportunity to go to school

Lord thank you for providing me the opportunity to go to school. 2016 has been a rough year for me. I have went through losing virtually everything, my relationship, apartment and money. Lord, you have blessed me with so much better than what I have lost and I appreciate that. Lord please help me to find a job or another source of income such as a scholarship so that I can remain in school and do your will to become a doctor. Lord help me to find a place to live that’s in my price range and in a good area. Lord I know you didn’t lead me this far to leave me. Thank you for blessing me to finish out this semester strong. Thank you for allowing me to meet such wonderful people along the way. Lord, also bless my relationship, I know we are both not perfect in you but I want you to touch both of our hearts so we can make you the center of our relationship . Lord help him to not look to clubbing as his source of relief but to look for you. I know that he is God fearing but right now he is going through a lot. Lord help me to be more patient and loving towards him.

In Jesus name,

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