Lord take our marriage in your hands and restore and transform us

by Tony (Pennsylvania)

Dear God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit please come in to our marriage, and grant us a miracle by pulling my wife and I from the abyss of a sinful divorce. Please come into both of our hearts, give us both forgiveness for the past, strength to fight for our marriage today, and hope that we can transform our marriage tomorrow to what it was meant to be by your Holy words. Please Lord protect my wife and I from sinful actions, thoughts, and words that will destroy our family. Please let us both see the light that fighting for our marriage is your Will. Please give us that wisdom that ungodly council from others that we can knowingly sin and just ask for forgiveness is wrong. Please touch my wife’s hardened heart and let her realize that I have truly seen the light that the path to happiness for our lives is through you, and together.

Please pray for our family to learn and grow in love and commitment to each other.

Lord, please hear my pray and grant us this miracle. Your Will be done. I love you. Amen.

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