Lord, Straighten out my Life..

by LT (Philippines)

Lord i need Your help. You have been with me as long as I remember. Right now, my life feels like a huge mistake. Long ago, I’ve made a promise that I will dedicate myself to Your cause knowing it is the right way to live. I promised that the line of profession that I will take up for college will ensure such promise. its why I became a nurse. I later worked in a hospital and for a time it has been very difficult but I took heart, I entrusted all to your grace and though there were times I want to give up, You uplifted me. Yet after almost a year, the job took its toll on me. I prayed that you liberate me from this strenous profession and circumstances allowed that I leave. Now I lost my purpose, right now I am working as a call center representative and though the job is easier. it seemed that it has no meaning. The only stressors are the people around me who seemed to demand so much while its not even as serious as a heart attack. I looked back and it seems I made a wrong decision to even took up nursing. I should have taken the more popular courses of the day like IT or computer related stuff. Now I am stuck in a job that I didnt like and I am not happy. There is no fulfillment in what I do. Although my current job pays well and the family that I support is happy, i am not. I want a life that I can be happy. Right now as I type this, I am angry and in despair. I even have suicidal thoughts at times. My life is a mess. I wished I wasnt even born. But You are greater than this Lord. You know things beyond my understanding. So please Lord, straighten out my life. Help me to find hope and strength in this life so that all may know and I can glorify You. Amen.

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