lord save my marriage help pray do a miracle

by Ams (India)

oh lord please save my marriage .please restore reunite intervene heal .i am requesting you pleading you . i don’t want my marriage to break.i do love my husband but he doesnot want to see me ,doesnot want to talk to me .

i tryed my best to make him understand .he is been misguided by a lot of people .please guide him show him the way you choosen when you got both of us marriaged .

you made us as one and now the world is misguiding him and is trying their level best to divide us , seperate us to break this marriage. my inlaws are also not allowing him to be with the wife. they are not allowing the son to stay in another house with the wife.

they are brain washing him to leave the wife.lord do a miracle save my marriage let not evil over rule the truth of the lord..

brothers sisters prayer worriers pastor please pray that my husband understand his wife and he stay with me in another house. as in my inlaws house i am falling very sick because the evilspirit is troubling me.

lord do a miracle

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  1. URGENT Pray for my marriage

    I beg of all of you to please pray to save my marriage. I have grappled with a sex/porn addiction for years and I have made my wife hate me. Please pray for us she showed me the way to the lord and I had turned my back on him. Never again will I hurt her or do these mean things to her. please pray that she gives me one chance to prove to her that I love her and will not hurt her again. Please pray that we can be together again with the lord the way he wants us to. She says she wants a divorce please soften her heart and let her see that I rod my self of the lustful demon that ruined my life. I beg you all please save my marriage for me and for my wife and children.

  2. May God Grant You Your Prayer

    I believe that are many types of people who are not happy with seeing others happy and succeed in their marriages. I pray for you and hope that God gives your husband the strength to return to you soon.

  3. God bless you!!

    Even Im goin through the same!!!!!!! May God save our marriages and our husbands come back to us!!! May the Lord forgiv us for our past karmas and current mistaks and bless us with a happy loving succesful marriage!!!Wish you all THE BEST MY FRIEND will pray for you please u also pray for me thankssssssssssssssssssssssssss


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