Lord, Save My Husband’s Soul and Restore Our Marriage

by LRS (USA)

In late July, my husband left me and our two daughters. He was tired of arguing with me. I don’t blame him. I had gotten mean and irritable and I wasn’t respecting him as my husband and head of our household. I have been in therapy and learning how to deal with my anger. I WANT MY HUSBAND BACK HOME! I want God to enter every heart in our household! I want our marriage built on the Word of God! Jesus, I miss my husband terribly! Please bring him home and let us work on building a marriage that God would be proud of! His heart is hard towards reconciliation. He says he is happier without me! This breaks my heart! I know I did some wrong things in our marriage and I am not going to point fingers or blame at what my husband, Darryle, did. Regardless of what he did, it was up to me to respond in a Godly manner and not push him away with my bickering and arguing. Lord, please forgive me for not representing You in my marriage but I have learned! Please, Lord, show up in me in a way that draws Darryle to You! BRING MY HUSBAND BACK HOME TO HIS FAMILY WHERE HE BELONGS! Change his appetite if he is involved with other women! Make his lovers lose interest in him! BRING HIM HOME TO HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN, JESUS! RESTORE OUR LOVE AND OUR FAMILY! In Jesus’ Name I pray! Amen!

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  1. shared pain

    I truly feel your pain as I am desperate for the same. My love for my husband is just as strong and I too took him for granted and behaved disgracefully. I pray daily for my marriage to be restored and my family to be healed. I understand your pain and am praying for you and your family.

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