Lord, Return Her Heart to Mine, Please

by J ()

Dear Lord,

It has been three months since my dearest love threw out everything we had together. My heart felt the strain upon itself from her distancing. She took my heart and let it lay alone, without regard to what she would be giving up. Please Lord in your ever amazing Grace, restore to us that which she gave up so easily.

Restore her faith in me Lord, and reunite our love as it was. I pray for a second chance to embrace her in your Light Lord. Seven years passed as we lived happily, then it was as if a demon took hold of her heart and changed who she was Lord.

I pray Lord, that in your almighty power, that you would return her heart to mine. I love her with all my heart and want to share my life with her. I pray that you give me that chance Lord. Free her from the depths of the lies that surround her now Lord, for people seek to use her kindness without heed to who she is. Please, save her Lord, and in doing so, save me.


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