Lord, Protect My Loved Ones Today.

by Jessica (United States)

Dear, Lord, my one true God,

Please, protect my loved ones today of all days, protect my very dear and very, very close friend, Eoin today especially from ANY kind of harm. Although he is not ready to see your power or accept your Son, Jesus Christ or your eternal grace.. I also pray to you now that you find a sure why to “convict” him to seeing your eternal and undying love for him.. do not punish him, my Lord, please instead.. lead him onto your path, and please.. if you believe it would be right for the both of us, please allow me to be with him, allow me to stay in a fully committed relationship with him, please.

I am also asking you to protect my Mother, my Father, my Siblings, Cousins and other family members today as well.

And, surely, protect and guide Eoin’s family, friends and loved ones today, do all you can to see that no harm comes to them today, send Angels to watch over them today.. like I said, especially for my friend.. for my boyfriend(as I wish, hope and pray for him to stay as.)

Please find it to look past the sins I have comitted yesterday or today and take my requests into consideration today. Please. I know you will ways do what is right and what is best for all of us. (But please, you know I do not want to lose my love, though.)

Thankyou for always guiding me and being in my life, thankyou for all you have and ever will given me, thankyou especially for my very first take at love..

Thankyou, God for giving me Eoin.


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