Lord. Protect me and all of us

by Maribeth (Bagong Lipunan)

Dear Lord,

You are the power and great GOD to me, my full respect is you my life is come over you lord, Please protect me for my neighbor they are keep hint on me they speak wrong for me.

I’ve done nothing wrong on them please watch their mouth and teach them a lesson for wrong doing I forgive them lord All those that hate you must be silent before me;Their hearts are dead in regard to me; and their tongues are,Mute, so that they are not at all able to inflict the least injury Upon me, or my house, or my premises:And likewise, all those who intend attacking and wounding me, With their arms and weapons shall be defenseless, Weak and conquered before me.

In this shall assist me the holy power of God, which can make all arms or weapons of no avail. All this in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

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