Lord prayer for love and the relationship I thought I had…also animals.

by Jeannie (Fort Bragg, California)

I would like help in praying for my healing in a relationship I thought I had. He never came to see me in eight years, it was all fantasy, When he went to Hawaii to meet his cousins, sisters, and took Mother, for all the holidays I saw that this was all talk and no action.I let it happen and would like help to heal. I was given a vision years agofor a healing ranch and I would like the funds to start that next year. I saw it all in the coeds and fell off my horse…’Sacred Heaven,’ is what I want to call it.I have a book that should be out next year, “The Hungry Heart,’ and I like to see it go national..a Best Seller. Worked on it eight years a healing adventure.Blessing for people that are in need over the holidays and my friend Tana to find a decent place to live next year. I also like the funds to move and have my own place with my animals. Save the animals of Africa…elephants…other endanger spices…Thank you, Jeannie

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