Lord please touch the heart of kimmy

by Sunshine (Philippines)

Lord Jesus, I adore you and everyday i gave you praise. All I have and I do are all for your Glory.

Please forgive me Lord for I was not able to stand and fought for the marriage I had with my husband, for so long time Lord you know that it was an abusive relationship, it almost killed me and almost lost my dignity and self worth.

Thank you Lord for letting me meet again my great love since we were young kimmy, he had also broken up with his unfaithful wife. Our hidden love before had spark into a good love and I really Thank you for that Lord Jesus. But times had tried us I was able to be so overwhelmed with the feelings of having him in my life, I was able to hurt him deeply with my rude words. Now kimmy detached from me, refused to face and talk to me he even cut off our communication. this deeply hurt me now Lord Jesus. With humility Lord Jesus I have acknowledged my fault to him, I beg you and ask you Lord Jesus to please touch the heart of kimmy may his heart learns to forgive me, please Lord Jesus take out all the bitterness of kimmy’s heart, make it see the joy of forgiving me and Please Lord Jesus teach his heart to love me. I pray to you oh Lord, just give me one chance to show to him how much I love him and make me an instrument for him to be good and always guide him for good with his children,.. Lord Jesus I have acknowledged the fault i made and the hurt I made in his heart please Lord I pray give me one chance for kimmy, please lord touch his heart to forgive me and give me chance and love me again oh Lord. Thank you so much Lord Jesus. May my prayer request in accordance with your plans and will in my life and kimmys life oh Lord. Thank you.

Sukaro Girl