Lord Please Stop my bad traits and forgive me my sins

by John (Bentleigh East Victoria Australia)

Dear Lord in Heaven ,

I pray that You please stop my evil bad traits and forgive me my sins . I have been
not open and honest with You . I have consistently let You down as well as others .
My own selfish bad habits are wrong and I ask Your Divine mercy where l am at
fault frequently . I am a sinner who asks forgiveness for my trespasses and my
ineptitude by doing the wrong thing . As a christian , please help me to repent for
all my past and present failings and also please cure me of my second stroke that
has paralysed my left side limbs of my body confining me to a manual wheelchair
since 2nd.May 2013 and home . Also please cure my incontinence and other
problems which daunt me often . I pray that You grant me STRENGTH and also
COURAGE at this critical time in my life .
Your loving servant ,
John F.
30th.September 2016
Local time 5.20 p.m.

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