Lord please reunite us with Love

(Rhode Island)

Oh my Almighty God, the creator of all. I stand before you begging for you to have mercy on me. I ask you to please forgive me for my sins. I am on my knees begging you to please bring my love, my soul mate, my best friend Joseph back so we may repair our broken relationship. Over 3 years ago I told you that I was leaving it in your hands to bring me my true love. You caught me off guard, it was perfect. Pride and jealousy tore us apart.

Please remove all of his fear to come back to me. Let him not worry what others think. Please fill our hearts with love for each other again. Let us wed and start our own family, please make him man a man unafraid to declare his love for me. Please bring him back, allow us to work this out together Lord. Everything you do is a miracle, i just ask for you to guide us together again, please help this become another miracle. I love you lord, i truly trust and believe in you. Amen

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