Lord, Please Restore My Marriage

by Anonymous (Florida)

Dear God,

I am so blessed that I can come to you and know that you will listen to my prayer, that you are there for me, that you are the only one whom I can truly trust for you will not forsake me. Lord, I am so blessed that You are my
God, Father, Abba, Daddy,
I come to you with a heavy heart as my marriage is in distress and has been for years. Lord, I ignored all the signs and just hoped that one day things would change. I even decided well this is how relationships are when one has been married as long as we had. I was wrong. With his aging, he needed something else, something that I failed to recognize and failed to give to him so he sought it outside of our marriage. Lord he has been with the other woman for such a long time that it became a relationship and I was the “he did not know how to say goodbye.” Well, that day came two years ago and three years into his relationship with her. Lord, I initially blamed him totally but thanks to You, I know my fault in this failed marriage. But God 40 years are too many to give up to that younger woman. Therefore, I plead with you God to save my marriage. Resurrect it from the dead. Send home the prodigal husband. Please stop the divorce and save the marriage. Make us be the people you created us to be. Please soften his heart as you have removed my bitterness and put us on the road to recovery. I still love my husband and I want him back. Get rid of the other woman. Once the divorce is finalized that relationship will diminish because i t can only truly survive when it is in the dark. God do not allow satan to win this battle. He has won so many battles over my marriage. Do not allow us to become part of the 51 per cent of marriages that fail. Make us commit to You and our marriage. God You give second chances and You are in the miracle business. Only a miracle from You will save us. There is nothing that You cannot do. So I ask in Jesus name that You open my husband’s eyes to You and Your commandments and send him home. Thank You and Amen. Amen.

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