Lord, please help us love each other properly again

by Randy (Cleveland, Ohio, United States)

Dear Lord, St. Jude, St. Valentine, St. Joseph, and Mother Mary, my love and my soul mate Kate and I have hurt each other. We’ve betrayed each other’s trust. The path we started four and a half years ago that was to end in marriage became rocky and jagged two years ago due to our human failings.

But we still share much love for each other, the love the Lord originally intended for us. Please help us to, in spite of our pain and hurt, learn forgiveness. Please help us clear the path to each other so that we may be equal partners once again, and continue on towards a loving, caring life and relationship with each other. Please remove from our path those who would derail us from each other, and please strengthen our love and resolve to make work what you intended four and a half years ago.

The situation is dire and immediate. Please help us, oh Lord, blessed Saints, and Virgin Mother. Please help us to restore our love to its original glory as God intended.


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    I have been married in May 17yrs. So much has happened to us in the last 7yrs….Life altering things. We are so separate. I don’t know what to do but Pray. I appreciate your Prayer & am Praying for you & me. That God will restore, replenish & heal our hardened & broken Hearts & Spirits. Make right what somehow went so wrong.


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