Lord please help us all

Dear Lord I have prayed for so long for you to please lay hand on my husband who is so lost to alcoholism and depression. Help me who is lost to criticism and shaming him daily. Let him see that we have 3 beautiful boys who are no longer babies and need his influence in their lives to be better. He drinks every day God, and can’t stop. He needs alcohol more than he needs us.

Lord I also ask that you give me the strength to do what needs to be done.
I just want my husband back, but if I am going against your will, please give me a sign. I am lost to anger and denial and need your love to continue for my kids.
Please please give my children the courage and peace to live fulfilling lives one day and not take this with them into their lives Lord. I’m so scared they are going to turn to alcohol one day because they have seen him turn to it their whole lives.

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