Lord please help this rift in our relationship

by Alex (United Kingdom)

Dear Heavenly Father

In my frustration with the distance separating my beloved fiance Andy and I, today I spoke harsh words expressing my hurt at not being his priority in life.

I love him and all I want is him home with me. Here with me, so I can love and be loved in return. To feel his comforting hug and hold his hand.

He is angry with me and I don’t understand this. I am heartbroken at hisnsuggestion we go separate ways.

Please father, heal this rift. Place profound love and respect for one another in each of our hearts. Allow us to fully understand each other and do all we can to be united together at last, united and happy.

I’m so scared and confused and need divine comfort and intervention.
Please give me courage, harmony, understanding and confidence. Please allow him to feel my love and known that he is my soul mate and my life partner.