Lord please help myself and my wife in our marriage

by Murray (South Africa Durban)

Lord please help myself and my wife in our marriage. My wife has such a huge temper and many a times also treat me badly. Lord I love her so much and all I want from her is peace and harmony. Lord please help restore the intimacy in my marriage. All I want is my wife to calm her temper and to love me unconditionally. She is not a bad person but can’t control the ways in which she speaks to me or even my kids. She always wants to fight and I sometimes can’t handle this pressure as I love a peaceful life. Lord restore my happiness with her and bless our marriage please. I can’t live with her not even sleeping with me as her husband and her bad temper. Why is she doing this to me when I do so much for her. She also picks on everything. Lord I love her so please help my marriage. Also cast out the evil thoughts that run through my head to have an affair.