Lord, please help my family

by Mike (Illinois)

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in humble need. My finances are taking it’s toll on the spirit and happiness of my family. I work endless hours to provide for my family, not spending more than we need. My bank has taken to charging large sums, sometimes exceeding my income, for penalties. I ask you Lord, bless my family. Give us the strength to make it through these hard financial times. I also ask that you reach out to those at my bank, reminding them that times are hard, and sometimes forgiveness is needed. I am humbled for all that you do provide for my family, but I now ask for your guidance. Bless us with love, nurture us as your children. Wrap us in your loving arms, remind us to appreciate all that you have bestowed upon us. Guide us in a truer way to live our lives in better financial responsibility.

I ask this in my loving redeemer’s name, Jesus Christ.

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