Lord please help me

by Lakisha (Chicago Il)

Dear God,

I come to you in prayer this morning with a Humble and Open mind lord I am coming to you in despair which I need your assistance; Before I stat this prayer I want to say thank you for being there for me when I didnt even deserve it and I know Ive been the best person in the last year or so due to all of the trauma Ive been through lord and I would like to ask you for forgiveness lord Im not perfect and I allowed my fears to take over and it still not easy I still have days wondering if I can go on with life but you always give me a reason to keep living. Lord please help me I am crying out to you Lord I need blessings and help in all areas of life lord. From Fear, Health, Finances, My two boys they also needs healing as well and my small business lord please help me abundantly and I also have a special request for a young man whom I am so in love with lord and I only know if its in your will this could only happen and I also know that I cant make any one love me or make me whole which Im not looking for that. I am truly in love with ceric with all of my heart and soul he is the most beautiful man I have ever met yes he has some rough spots and rough around the edges but his heart is always true lord I come to you and asked if you could bring us together as one only if its in your will lord please bless us with a respectful, supportive, loving and faithful relationship please give each of us the strength we need in order to make this a long lasting relationship and that we will always reach out to you for guidance lord. I pray with conviction lord that I will never hurt him or forsake him lord he deserve and I deserve the best lord and if its not in your will lord please help me through the process of heartbreak amen.

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