Lord please help me to love all my family

by Tricia (Valley Stream Usa)

Lord please help me to love all my family and friend s and then forgive everyone .lord fill me with your holy light .from head to tow.god make me peaceful and patient and kind and caring.lord heal my entire body and give me a special makeover in Jesus name.

I want tone made over physically spiritually and mentally .lord please control my body and mind and help me to say and do the things you want me to do .lord help me to buy a new house in your name .

I want to be a new beautiful creature in Jesus name .lord please help me to stop being insecure and to make me feel confident .and help to be able to sing and preach the word of god in Jesus name.give me all that I need and want in this life .create in me a pure clean and kind heart in Jesus name .wash away my sins and let me not to be put to shame .

lord help me to get back to the one I love ..but before you do that give me a physical transformation.help me to gain back all I lost and more.lord you said you will give me all that was stolen from me.lord come now and bless me andy love ones.lord keep me in your house. So I will keep praising your name and loving you forever until you send for me in heaven .lord anoint my my friends family and I.lord make me brand new aga renew my spirit .lord help me to work on myself to make me confident.

lord help my daughter to live a better life in your name. .lord control my mind and body .make me the princess I want to be .lord please turn my life around and change the thing s I don’t like about myself.