Lord, please help me let go of my past relationship

by Chad ()

A little over 2 months ago, my girlfriend of 6 years left me. She was unhappy with the relationship because we were not married yet and i was not helping her with her bills amd groceries and because we were not married she didnt have any health insurance. We met in the summer of 2012. She had gone through a divorce a year before. She has 3 kids from her marriage that i love dearly. My wife left me in january of 2012 taking my 5 month old son 2 hours away. When i met candace, she was everything i was looking for in a partner. We hit it right off and we were happy. Not long into our relationship she brought up marriage and having a child together. I was not ready for either of those at the time. I had a 1 year old son at that time that i was trying to see as much as i could and i had not even been divorced but a couple of months. She shares her 3 children from her marriage with their dad a week at a time. She wanted me to spend the night with her the week she had them i would not out of respect for her kids and their father. Marriage, having a child and not staying with her when she had her kids caused problems in our relationship. We had great times together. Everyone got along. I loved her family and she loved mine. My son adored everyone and her children did also. But, in early november of 2013, she left me because of the 3 things i mentioned earlier that were causing problems. We still talked some and i wanted to work things out. I found out 2 weeks after she had left me that she had been seeing another man for a week. I was devastated. I tried hard to get her back for the next few months. I did want to get married i just needed time. I wasnt sure about having a child but i did love her so very much. We talked everyday while sye was seeing the other man. Some days she wanted to come back to me and some days she told me she was happier then she had ever been. During this time i neglected my son whenever i had him. I was so consumed with what i had lost that it took over my focus and concentration. Then in late January she asked me if we could talk and i said yes. She stopped by that night and told me that she didnt want amymore communication with me and she wanted to stay with the other man. She called me 2 nights later and told me that she found out that day that she was 6 weeks pregnant. Again, i was devastated. She had gotten pregnant 4 weeks after meeting this man which began after a week of ending our 15 month relationship. I was lost. But, i told her that i loved her and that did noy change me wanting to he with her. 2 weeks after this, she left him because she did not love him. We stayed in contact.

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