Lord, please help me get the job…

by Thomas (Singapore)

Lord Jesus Christ, my Saviour, thanks for listening to my cries and prayers of petition by helping me secure a job interview with one of the asset management companies.

Lord, i had my interview on 10 May 2013. the prospect of the job is good and my working experience matches the job requirements. the interviewer will be interviewing a few other candidates this week and thereafter, he will shortlist some for further interviews. i will only know the outcome by this week.

Lord, please help me to be one of those shortlisted and secure the job eventually as i really need a job to take care of my mom and dad. Lord, i am running out of time as i need to break the news to my mom that i am unemployed. Lord, i am very sad and my heart aches whenever i think of this. she will feel sad and worried for me and i can’t bear to see her suffer because of me. Lord, i have sinned for having to cause her such pain and worries. Lord, she has worked hard and make sacrifices for the family when we were young. i should not be causing her to suffer now. Lord, please have mercy on me, please help me secure the job so that she can be spared of this agony.

Lord, i have sinned and i beg for Your forgiveness. Lord, i am at Good Friday, please let Easter come into my life now.

Lord, please take care of my mom and dad. Please protect them from any harm.

Lord, please also help those who are in need of Your help.

Lord, may Your Kingdom reign forever and ever.

Thank You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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