lord please help me as i just feel there is no hope.

lord please help me as i feel that there is no hope for me.it just seems so dark.everything i want, hope and have been praying for seems so far out of reach like i will never get there. i am losing my husband so there goes my family, my life and everything that i have struggled to get. i am losing it all. i have lost myself. and i need forgiveness for i have not been what i should have. i have sinned. i am guilty and i feel like i am paying the price a 1000 fold even though i have admitted my failure and am trying to turn over a new leaf. i just feel i am never going get there. lord i need your help, your strength your love and courage and i think faith. its been so bad for so long that i cant even imagine the light.please help my husband to understand what me as a wife and my love has to offer him and will help us all. what family is all about.he has never seen that and does not even want to believe. i have been struggling but i realise that i cannot make someone love me.i just hope and pray that all will work out fine for everyone. lord i put my trust in you. help me guide me and give me the necessary strength i need for this journey that i have to take.

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