Lord please help its an emergency

by Poornima (Mysore)

Dear God I’m suffering with lot of financial trouble god its affecting me very badly I neither can ask for anyone to help nor I’m able to arrange it myself I’m so depressed lord I know I’ve done a lot of mistakes and have hurt few people. Please forgive me lord if not you who else will forgive me I don’t have courage to ask people whom I’ve hurt to forgive me please god I need to live a good life I’ve a daughter now please bless with her with good health and wealth god I’m keeping faith in you that you do wonders pls help me god I need money to get things better in my life I need to stabilize my life live a meaningful life I need money to repay all my debts and live a better life Lord pls help me lord I need money very badly in today’s world its difficult to live without money Lord you know my situation Lord I beg you pls help me lord to overcome my financial problem I need immediate financial help. Pls god pls help me I’ve complete faith on you Lord pls help me to help those who’ve helped me when I had financial crises pls lord I want to clear all the debts and also help few who’re really in need pls bless my family friends and all who are in need of your help Lord pls god pls bless me with money I want to lead a happy life pls god I’m not being selfish I’m just fed up of this problematic life so pls God pls give me money immediately pls you know my situationI need to live a respectable life god pls I beg u help me with money thank you lord thank you