Lord, please hear my prayers for mental illness.

by Marlene whelchel ()

Dear Lord, I come to you with humility. I am and have suffered for the majority of my life with mental illness. Over the last 3 years my family has drifted further from one another due to an unknown nature, but for the past 2years I have been getting progressively worse and with new symptoms that I am unfamiliar with and it appears to be driving a wedge between my husband and I especially. I am not responding to any medications. I am losing myself, hope and that things will ever be the same. Iam struggling to care for myself and my family, neglecting my husband struggling to find any feelings inside, I am panicked by the thought of leaving my house, taking care of my duties such as simple tasks around the house or paying bills on time. I struggle daily with thoughts of suicide but have to hide my feelings because 1, I have no friends or family and my husband refuses to listen to me and gets angry because he doesn’t understand why I am the way I am but yet refuses to educate himself about my multiple mental illnesses. I pray to the Lord to give me strength and pray that I may be healed. I often wonder if because I lack a good relationship with the Lord due to my chronic memory loss that he may not heal me. I know that he is aware of my inabilities and illnesses. I know that he is in control but I fear that my time is running out, it is ruining my life and that of my family. Please pray for me…..

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