Lord please heal my broken heart and restore my marriage

Lord I come before you today and ask that you heal my broken heart and bring my huband and I back into unity. Lord I have so much hate and anger festering in myself and I beg you to help my husband only have eyes for me and that you guard his heart, spirit and thoughts and direct them soely to you. I know that if my husband is being faithful to you he is to me also. Please open his eyes and heart and bring him back under your authority. Please bring something or someone into his life that makes him draw near to you.

I ask for forgiveness for all the mean and heteful thoughts and words I’ve had towards my husband and I ask forgiveness for allowing the enemy to use this as a way to destroy my marriage. I need you to heal me lord and allow my heart to mend from the wounds inflicted by my husband and his past choices. Help me to remember that i am worhty of my husbands love and he is worthy of mine as well. Help me to always remeber your will above my own and that when I’m in doubt and scared or feel like i can’t trust my husband that i need to bring it to you in prayer and know that you are in control of the situation. Help me not to harden my heart to my husband or allow the devil room in our marriage. I bind the powers of satan and cast him from this marriage and our lives! Help me lord to always seek your kingdom first and to be holy in your site and to forgive and let go of all the pai nin my heart. Help me to find joy and peace in my marriage and help me to fall in love with my husband again. Help my husband to show me love and affection and to not do things to perpussly hurt me. Help my husband love me the way I need to be loved.

For all these things I pray to the lord,
Lord hear my prayer!!!

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