Lord, Please guide me to the work you need done.

by Carlos (Milwaukee, WI)

Dear Heavenly Father, holy is they name and all that is you dear Lord.

Great is your being and your power.

You know our needs even before we ask.
Your will is what we all should commit to here and in all the is and ever will be.

Lord, heavenly Father, we depend on your nurturing and your forgiveness.
You teach us to do likewise with all our brothers and sisters.

Please lead me to do your will as is needed in your vineyard. Please show me your will for the focus of my labors. Please dear Lord guide me that I may provide for my wife and family as would be pleasing to you. I know that you will nurture us with all that we will need to work and live for the Glory of your Holy Name.

Please forgive my failings and show me, lead me to forgive and support my brothers as is your will.

Please Lord be with me against the temptations and slings and arrows of the evil one. Please Lord Keep evil away from us. Cover me in the armor of your word.

I ask this through your Son – Jesus Christ. You Lord made manifest as a humanly brother for us. To the praise and glory of your name.

Dear God in Heaven have mercy on us.

I Believe I Know