Lord, please grant us a peace home

by Loo Wee May (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Jesus Lord, please grant us a peace home, please let us free of anxiety and worrying. Jesus, please let us be free and peace in our mind. Jesus, please send us your angels to protect our home and us. Jesus, please set us free of harm. Jesus, I hereby desperately needed You to save us from any harm and loss, please let me be peace whenever I am going back home. Lord, please ensure my safety when any of our family is alone in home or alone in back to home. Jesus, I really seek for your endless grace to be laid on me. Jesus, please heal our heart, please let us be peaceful to move on our life. Jesus, please do set us a new home if it is your will.

Jesus, I now declare my anxiety of going home, feeling home is not safe, Jesus I need your help, Jesus please help me, I desperately need the peace in You as well as for my family.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen. I love you, Jesus.

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  1. For Loo Wee May

    I pray that God will grant you the peace that you need so much and that he will offer you his protection at home and also away from home. I pray that you will be safe from harm and that life will get better for you very soon. God Bless You and Peace be With You. Amen

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