Lord please give me strength and understanding

by Zothile (Durban Kwazulu Natal)

Havenly father,

I know most of the time we remember to call on you when we going through difficult or troubled times.

Right now Lord i need you to give me all the strength and understanding i can possibly get in this office i work in. You know all the tears i have shed and the pain i have gone through in this place and now i think Lord its time i let u take over.

I wake up every morning with a fear of what new surprises am i going to encounter in this office and who is going to say what and what will my response be but now i need you to be my mouth, eyes, feet, hands and everything. Bless my thy Lord for i have prayed and asked for a new job almost everyday and now i live everything in your hands Lord.

What i havent asked and told you about you know my dear God. No words can express what i am feeling inside right now, but please be with me and protect me from all evil.

Thank you father for hearing my prayer.

In your name Jesus