Lord please don’t’ ignore my prayer request for financial help

by Barbara ()

Lord, God I have been battling financial difficulties for such a long time. At times, I feel that I am being punished. Please help me now. I have been served with an eviction notice and does not have any idea as to where me and my daughter can go. I am so tired and each day it is such a struggle to try to work and keep up the strenght/faith. I pretend that all is ok-but it’s not. Please help me financially and enable to me to get back on the right track finanially.

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  1. financially breakthrough

    i understand your situation is very frustration but i can assure you that things is going to be fine. i will like to tell you that sometimes prayer does not answer financial problems but you need to offer something to God in order for him to bless you financilly. pay your tinth from that little salary and do not dwell on that money you have given God will look at your heart in giving and blesses you. read malachi 3:6-12 then you will understand how God operate. he said in malachi people do not trust him with their finance yet they want him to bless trust God with your money really He will open the flood gate of heave and it will rain in your house, sometimes you will wonder if it is really happening in your house. thats the God we serve he is faithfull

  2. Prayer Request to Help with Termites

    Lord, we need your help to save our condo from termites.

    Gratefully, we thank you.


  3. Prayers for you

    Dear Barbara,

    This just came to me when I was reading your prayer request… “And at the end of the day these three remain: hope, faith, and love… and the greatest of these is love.” Trust in God to provide for you but in the meantime you have to take as much action as you can. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way b/c this is meant to make you laugh. Do you remember that joke about the single mother and the lottery ticket? I believe you mention that you work. Do you have enough money to set you and your daughter up in an apartment? Would that be cheaper? If not then there are organizations that can help you look for housing. If you are part of a community of churchgoers then maybe you could ask for assistance and/or advice. Remember, have hope, have faith, and trust in God who is Love.

  4. single mom with finance problems

    I understand where you are coming from as a single mother with finance problems. I am still going through it now. I do everything I can to help myself and what I cannot do, I ask god to take care of it for me. Always pray for yourself as well along with fasting. God hears your plea, he may not come when we expect him to, but he is always on time. When you surrender and give it all to him, that’s when he will show up. I will keep you in my prayers.

  5. keep believing

    Barbara a number of years ago I was in the same position , the only thing that kept me going was that my child was too young to leave in this world alone. God will answer you, maybe not in the way you want, but when things get better and they will , looking back you will see his hand in how things have improved. Don’t lose hope, keep the faith all will turn out OK. My prayers are with you.
    love Kate.

  6. Disgusting 'acts'

    …and so, none of the wealthy christians as usual bother to help out practically…no wonder the “church” is a disgrace…..

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