Lord please bring the love of my life back… I love him so much, I’m hurting I need your guidance

by Linsey (South Africa)

Dear Lord

I know my ex Brent and me have massive religious issues even though we are Christians. You know my heart dear Lord and I ask you to take away the darkness and the evil intervention that has broken us apart, I ask you to intervene and bring light to this situation that I have tried and failed to fight alone, only with your help can this come to pass. Lord you know my heart and you know that my love comes from the very best part of me and from the purest part of my heart and soul. You sent him to me and I know this is not how it is suppose to be. I promise not to be prideful, and be mindful and more tactful of my opinions even though I submitted to him all that I am and treated him with the respect of a wife. I pray that you help me in this, because no measure of time is too long for me to wait, I pray for my desire but I also pray that it be done according to your will. Please fight off the evil forces that kept us apart, you an I know dear lord what they may be.

I promise to be an even better partner to him than before. I love him dear Lord the soulmate you sent me. Evil broke us apart but may I be stronger with your help and your guidance and persevere and be granted the strength to continue to pray and to keep my faith stronger than ever. Please Lord help me, I pray in your name Lord Jesus Christ my saviour. Amen.