Lord please bless my marriage

by Amy (Illinois)

Lord please bless my marriage. My husband was unfaithful and suffers terribly with depression since his mother died in 2014. I am trying to build our marriage back up but he says he is just not happy in our marriage and spends too much time working and not with me or our 3 beautiful boys. Please Lord help us make it through this terrible time.

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  1. Faith

    My prayers are with you and your family
    You are a good mother and wife
    Please do the following
    Go to church each Sunday take your boys
    Invite your husband do not push or nag him to go
    You just keep going even if by yourself
    Jesus will be with you be patient
    Jesus needs to be part of your marriage
    Don’t miss a Sunday even if you feel like not going
    Good things will happen
    I know married 35 yrs I went wife did not go
    One day she joined me we have had bad fights
    But we go each Sunday We have even got in the car
    Not talking to each other mad at each other drove
    To church but when we got out we were talking
    And enjoying our Sunday

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