Lord please bless my family with means for the used van we so need and for extra income to provide for our family.

by Michelle (Rudyard Mi)

Oh lord I pray to you for help!

Our family would be blessed in so many ways to get this van we need for our children’s safety. I pray lord you will bless our efforts I acquiring and possessing this. Lord we also need help this holiday season with extra money. Please bless and provide my family with food , heat, shorter , gas money to be comfortable and not stress as I do every sec. Lord I have been praying for a break, the burdens of having to move and restart our lives has been overwhelming, please bless our family with a home to call our own! Lord if I am asking for to much please forgive me! We just need a little help and understanding! Lord please bless the people in our lives and who we come In contact with- the grace of God is so up lifting! I pray to you oh lord- Amen

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