Lord please aid me in fathering a child.

by Mike (Bronx NY)

GOD please I ask of you to bless my wife with having my first child. My wife is 43 and has 3 children a set of 18 yo girl twins and a 9 year old girl. I love my stepdaughters dearly. It is a great wish that I may have a child with my wife. Im 39 soon to be 40 and have no biological children. My wife is 43 and suffers from Lupus. For 3 years we have tried and she has not become pregnant. She just had a complete physical and is in great health. I also had a physical and i to am in good health. Lord i ask you and all of heaven to intercede and bless my wifes womb with a baby. She and I would like a boy, a healthy child is all that matters. God please bless and strengthen our marriage as well. Thank you

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