Lord, Overwhelm My Broken Heart

by Student (Dallas)

Lord, I give my pain and heartache to You.

I cannot do this alone, but You are God and can do all things. I pray that I will find my strength in You to continue down Your path in faith although I cannot now see the light. Fill my heart with peace and teach me to be content in You alone. Direct me toward your healing light and fill my with the Spirit, so that I may see my worldly sadness pale in the light of Your Glory. Thank You, my God, for your intervention in the past weeks. Teach me to understand your plan for my life and to pursue it. Teach me to be unselfish in friendship, to be thoughtful of those less happy than myself, and to shine in Your Path. Lord, I humbly bow before You and ask You to send your angels to light my way, to ease my suffering, and to quell the sinful uprisings inside me. Lord, teach me to understand You when You speak to me, and to follow Your Light.

Finally, Lord, bless those like myself who have come in prayer to you on this forum. Fill them with Your Holy Spirit and do not forget their plights, for they are Your children,


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