Lord need my green card to be issued to get a job fast.

by Beth (VA)

Dear Jesus,

By the power of your name the only begotten son who sacrifices of all sins of the world, Lord I am here for you to ask for a miracle I am in need of Big financial I have a lot of debt to be paid of I want to have my employment card or my green card very badly to get a good job lord I know you are the powerful for all above you can control all people, please touch people heart and mind to approve my green card very badly I know lord you can do this for me and help me get get good job what is my desire to be so that i can able to pay all my debts, Lord I love you please do miracle for me, In Jesus name Amen…Saint Jude worker and helper please also help me to get my green card and employment card and help me to get the job which you assign to me..amen.