Lord Jesus Please Help with Debt Problem

by Cindy (Malaysia)

God thanks you for everythings that you have done for me. Now im having a debt problem, please help me to grant the loan that i have applied, please God help me. Each day im suffering of this problem and no peace of mind. i calm my self by your prayer. Lord Jesus I only trust in you. Please Help me ASAP.

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  1. Please help me god

    As I am trying to help someone about money to help them to dept money from other now all in dept are belong to me is 30000$ that I have to pay back but I have’t money. I am nearly die soon if don’t have money to give back to them by tomorrow. God you help me for everything now please help me with this situation, I didn’t trust anyone but you. Amen!

  2. gambling debts

    I am in bad shape because of my gambling life. I started small but my need to pay off my debts let me believed I can win big if I gamble big and my financial difficulties will be gone and I can help my daughter with her college education. In reality I lost all my money and more debts add on from loans and credit card. Now I am in $50000 debts that I can not afford to pay for. I am consider bankruptcy but going to try debt negotiate first. I would love to pay all my debts off and be happy again. Every single day I am wishing I would be dead to end this unhappy life mm of mine. Please may my wish of dead be true. I don’t want to suffer any more. Dear lord please take my away and make it quick and not painful. My life is full of pain as it is. Amen.

  3. please help me god

    God please help me im stuck in my life for 5 years..I lost everything because of gambling and I made my dad paid so much for me when I was young for gambling and now I regreted but I cant clear the amount..the interest is to high..the money lender is torturing me with interest..I made my dad fall sick and my sister sick..im having bipolar disorder now because the fear and preasure from the money lender and fear that my dad might leave the world soon as his health is getting worst..I need a chance to live my life in a proper way.i pray so much..I pray daily and I keep hoping but today things became worst.i only have syiling to eat and I have to hide all this from my dad because I only have him and I do not have a mother.i need him I want him I love him.i cant imagine a worls withoutbhim.his the best father on earth.he has no money wit him now and if he knows I still have debts he will leave this world for sure because he is already too weak..lord I know ur watching im struggle for years..my health getting worst as I stop my medication..I need support god..please help me with ur miracle..I cant take this anymore..it reached to da level I cant live in this world..people is killing me..please help me lord..I need about rm180k to clear my problem..i been charged rm20k interest per month for this..i cant afford and its increasing badly every month..this time im gone..i need help asap..please bring miracle to me tomorrow my lord..please please please help me please please please..I love you my lord jesus.

  4. lordbiam in need

    Please let me get loan tonight I need to get back to my kids and my feet I’ve given to everyone now I can’t take much more please I DNR see a way out

  5. lordbiam in need

    Please let me get loan tonight I need to get back to my kids and my feet I’ve given to everyone now I can’t take much more please I DNR see a way out

  6. Heal everyones debt

    Dear Jesus,
    I love you very much . I praying for you to help everyone of us to get out of debt. including me.

  7. Please pray for assistance.

    Dear God: I need your assistance to help me to pay my bills and help my children. I have lost my job and my husband is disabled. I ask for the Lords assistance in finding the money to resolve my IRS problems and charge plates. My debt is in the amount of approximately 25,000.00 please help me to find the money so that I can rest mentally.

  8. having alot of debt pblm

    JEsus,my name is shan,im having alot of debt on my head.pls help me by dng some miracle,i buy lottery in toto 6d. 802308.pls do help me to solve this debt.i promise n i swear dat i will donate half of the amount to the orphange homes.. i swear n i wil kip my word pls do help yr child,pls help me by dng miracle in my life as soon as possible,Jesus pls pls pls help me.i in need,Ameen.pls do miracle once u read my pblm n help me as soon as possible.

  9. jesus help me

    iam jaya prakash i have lot of financial debts.i have no peace in my life.no boby not help me.my help comes from the lord jesus. only jesus will solved all my debt problems.i depend on only jesus y because he is my father.ever father solved his son problems. so my heavenly father complsory solved all problems now iam waiting and seeking for lord jesus miracles.

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