Lord Jesus PLEASE Heal my Mother

by Renee (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

my mom’s health isn’t doing too good right now, 1 neurologist says it’s ALS another 1 we took her to said it MIGHT be inflamed nerves, but that he couldn’t rule als out, she has a hard time walking now, is unable to walk without a walker, she goes into the mayo clinic next month for another round of testing, so we’ll find out hopefully what is going on, please I am BEGGING anybody and EVERYBODY to PLEASE PRAY that she does NOT have als and that it is inflamed nerves which can be treated, although it might take 1-5 years for a full recovery, I am wiling to help my mom the entire time, I myself am NOT dealing with this very well, my mom is all I have, again PLEASE pray that she makes a full recovery and that testing shows inflamed nerves and NOT als, me and my mom are hoping and praying 1st dr was WRONG, I do not expect anything in return for helping my mom, to me it is a honor NOT a chore, Lord Jesus Christ PLEASE hear my prayer in my hour of need, I didn’t get a b-day present, don’t expect a x-mas one either but if you grant me my 1 TRUE wish, I will count that as a b-day AND x-mas present for as long as you deem fit, because you Lord Jesus are the ONLY one who can give me what I truly want, not even money can get me what I truly want, and only YOU can grant me my wish, constant anxiety attacks are wearing me out, worrying about my mom please totally heal her I don’t care if it takes 1-5 years, as long as there is progress, in Jesus Name Amen

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  1. Praying for Mom

    Yes, lord Jesus. Please heal Mom and let it not be ALS. Allow her nerves to be healthy once again and to make her whole. In the name of Jesus your Mom will be healed. When we believe, we have faith, where there is faith, there are miracles. God bless!

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