Lord Jesus please heal my broken heart

Lord Jesus please heal my broken heart. I’m hurting and sad. Sometimes i feel all alone. I need her peresence within me . Havenly father please wrap your arms around me and never let me go. I know you loves me. Lord God please protect me. Protect my mind and heart from evil so I can’t think no evil and feel no evil within me and around me. Heal me from these feelings sadness, loneliness, unwortiness and hopelessness. Please touch my heart with your Holy Spirit right now in Jesus name I pray.

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  1. Hurting and feeling helpless

    Lord please heal my broken heart, strengthen me and teach me to be a good and effective mother to these two beautiful girls. I pray for their father also that he may be able to do the same.

  2. heartbroken

    I never thought life could be so hard. I had heard that the older one getts, the harder it becomes. Well.. that is true. Here i am, very weak and heartbroken. I feel that i have no feelings left for life, nothing to look forward to. I was so happy…we were so happy. We were getting engaged very soon and all of a sudden things just fell apart. I wish he would come back to me. I wish to feel that kind of happiness again. Please Lord, heal my broken heart… help me in such a black time. Show me that your plans for me are bigger and better than i thought for myself. I need you badly. Only You can help me..only You.

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