Lord Jesus please bring my husband bck to me

by Suzanne (Hartford, CT)

O Heavenly Father Lord Jesus I come before to ask for your help. My husband Ricky walked out on me Suzanne four days ago. We were together for 20 years. I love him so much that I can’t even eat or go to work.

Lord Jesus please go into his heart and show him that his wife is the best woman for him. To let go of the other woman Nilda. She is only a side kick to use you. Please Lord Jesus please make him realize his mistakes and come back to his wife. I missed him so much can’t sleep all I am thinking about him.

Please Lord Jesus I leave you to turned him around so he can realized Suzanne will forgive him. Please Lord please give him and lead him to the right path to his home with his family. Let him forget Nilda and come back to me. I will be there with my arms open to well come him back. Please show him the way to his home and him. Please Lord help me to bring my husband back you are my only hope. Please lead him home to his family.
I pray in Jesus Holly Name Amen

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