Lord Jesus I am at the 12th hour NO Funds NO one to call on Lord but YOU Lord Jesus

Heavenly Father I thank you for all your blessings upon my life and the life of my FAMILY in Jesus name, Amen. Heavenly Father if its in your will Lord I have some debts that I need to cover in the morning and by next week Lord I have no ideal where I can get these funds that are due by in the morning which is $575.00 Jesus I need the blood of Jesus to bleed over my debts and the funds I need by next week is $1,361.00 these debts in Jesus name is paid in FULL, Amen! I thank you Father for waking me this morning to see another day. Thank You Lord for all you do and have done and continue to do in my life in Jesus name, Amen Amen Amen!

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