Lord, Ive been angry at you but my family needs you as well as myself

by Sandra (Saramento Ca)

Ive never done this not even sure how to pray but here it goes……Ive been angry Lord with you for taking my brother and causing us such emptiness and pain. Its been 6 years now we lost him my grampa and our home. Since then family has all gone different ways some bettered themselves and others have hit rock bottom. lord I ask you give me strength where I lack to be strong an to better myself as I am of the ones who hit the bottom. My family is no longer a family were living like people that just know each other. Everyone has turned there back on the ones in need an have been seperated by resentment or hate. I love my family Lord and we used to all be close anf very bonded. I ask of uou Lord heal my family an free them of all hate anger resentment hurt pain or suffering that we are all going through. Make this people be a FAMILY again Lord help me and those lost find our way again. Make as whole again Lord shield those lost and wandering keep them safe and guide them to a better path for some are on a path of pure destruction. Lord I need you in my life to heal my heart from so much pain I cant bare no more I do not feel i am living I feel as if i been just exsisting I am trapped and lost within myself and stuck in the past September 16 2010 go be exact the day I lost my brother and a whole part of myself………..I have familyof my own whom i know i have let down because i cant let go and move on. Lord i need strength hope faith to know Its ok to let go an move on and everything eill be ok Faith to believe in myself that I can do this. In Jesus name , Amen

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  1. blessings

    Dear Lord,

    We offer up this entire family that is going through so much agony and trials bring them relief and help them out of their situation.Our god is an awesome god who always provides for his children as long as we ask him.Trust in god and he will help you through these times.Stay strong.


  2. jesus loves you

    prayer is power GOD has a plan for your family don’t stop praying give your life to the LORD JESUS . People always blame GOD for there pain but you must remember GOD has a plan his thoughts are higher than ours all we can do is trust in him with all our being he is our father I trust he will answer our prayers it may not be on our time because god has perfect timing he’s never LATE!!!

  3. Faith

    My prayers are with you You are a good person!
    Please go to church each Sunday even if you feel
    Not to
    Jesus hears you but he also needs you
    I pray for your family also

  4. I Understand

    Hello to you, a child of God. What we have in common is our pain and suffering. It brought me to my knees, and what I have learned is surrendering to Jesus has given me peace, through my storms in life. Only God can give us what we seek. He came down from heaven and became a man for us. He was the perfect example of humbility, forgiveness, unconditional love, and knowing, of all matters on heaven, earth, and our hearts. He, God washed his disciples feet, and told them to do the same for each other. Keep coming back to him daily. You are not alone, for what you cannot see, is ever so more powerful and true, then what you can see. I love you:)

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