Lord, I’m scared, many things going on in my life right now.

by Lisa (NC)

I have many things happening right now. In 3 days my adult son and l will be homeless without a job or vehicle. The Lord knows what our needs are right now, just too much to type out with my messed up phone. I’ve never been in this situation before and finding it very hard to deal with. I ask for prayers to keep us both off the streets and safe especially with it getting cold now, prayers to get the help we need with all that’s happening right now and all I know is that we need all the prayers we can get now. I know God has NEVER let me down but honestly it’s hard trying to keep Faith and Hope when it’s getting so close but I AM doing my best to try and hold onto that Faith that he has always gotten me through. Please pray for my family. I pray and ask you Lord Jesus Christ to help my family and I through one of our deepest times of need and also ask that you help others in their time of need Lord, in your sweet name I pray, Amen

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