Lord, I’m hopelessly in love with my childhood friend

by Thanh (Maryland)

Dear Lord, I’m hopelessly in love with my childhood friend. I did everything I could to win his heart but I know I shouldn’t because he doesn’t love me back. We became intimate but that’s it just a share of bodies not the hearts. I want the heart because I know he’s a great man. I’m hurting so very much and try to be strong at the same time. We lost contact when we were young than ten years later we found each other so please Lord our Father in heaven don’t let our path end. I know it’s wrong but my heart telling me he’s the one. I’m praying to you let him see me as a person and willing to open his eyes and heart for me. Just this lifetime even if our lifetime are short I’m willing to learn and grow just to have his love. Thank you Lord for hearing me and be with me always. Amen