Lord if it is your will

by Natalie Johnson (Hattiesburg, Ms United States)

Lord as I set here writing this pray request.. I am lost for word.. but regardless of how bad it looks.. I know my God can turn things out.. I pray for Rashod Henry.. I pray that Jesus comes down from heaven & place his healing hands on him and turn things around for his good.

Lord I do not think that you would have allowed him to make it thus far, but just in case it is not your will and your father needs him no more than we do on earth.. I just pray for strength for myself and his family and friends to help us get through loosing an angel..

You do not realize what type of person you have in your life until that person is on their death bed.. but something in my sprit keeps telling me that God is going to work this out.. I know that God is going to use this boy story as a testimony for him to spread how God has heal and deliver him from death..

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