Lord I repent and ask you for your forgiveness

Lord, I cannot fight the battle anymore. It’s not for me to fight so I leave it all in your hands. My husband and I recently open a business and we have fallen so deeply in debts. Our bills, both business and personal, are all over due. We have been on our knees morning, noon and night asking God to help us out but it seems as if our prayer is going in vain. Our stored house is dried up and we have no where else to turn. We are in a financial wreck because of this business. What I am trying to understand, the spiritual voice that was heard when we first made contact with this business saying “have no fear”, was it God that was speaking or was it a deceit spirit. Our God has never fail and we have never, never once in our life put to shame but now I feel like we are on the road of shame. As God forsaken us? I have repented of my sins and I felt that I have done things that are not pleasing to God so he has put a deaf ear on to my prayer. Lord I repent and ask you for your forgiveness. Please do not forsake us. If we fail it is our fault because of our disobedience to you. Lord, please hear our prayer and make haste to help us. I beg you please.