Lord I pray that you touch my exs heart

by Lisa ()

Dear God,

I’m offering up our broken relationship. Lord I pray that you touch my exs heart and stir up your Holy Spirit within him. God I ask that you bring clarity to his mind and cast away any evil spirits of confusion consuming him in Jesus name. lord I pray for your mercy to heal and reconcile us. I ask that you bring us together again and fill our hearts with the love for each other we had when we first started dating. I pray that you change and soften his heart towards me. Keep me in his mind and heart Lord always.
I pray for complete restoration lord between us. I love him and he loves me but lord the devil has caused this separation. Don’t let the enemy win in Jesus name I pray that you bind up all evil spirits in us and cast them out. I pray for the forgiveness and patience we both need to be together. Lord also give him the courage he needs to come back as he’s afraid of what people might say with us getting back. I pray that you remove any temptations and distractions from his life distancing himself From you. Reconnect our hearts and cleanse the of any past hurt and pain we feel. Lord I pray that you stay close to him And don’t allow him to stray, he feels distant from you god so I pray and ask that you speak to him, guide him allow his ears to open to you and to be allowed to be lead by the Holy Spirit.
Help him to remember how he first felt when he met me, the love he had although distance has caused him to forget I ask you Lord to remind him that love can overcome anything. Our love for you and each other can overpower any evil in our lives in Jesus name I pray.