Lord, I pray that you bring about a change of heart in my husband

Lord, I pray that you bring about a change of heart in my husband and recommit him to me and to our marriage. Please help him to once again see the good in our life together. Help him to remember why he wanted to marry me and why he vowed to spend the rest of his life loving and cherishing me. Help him to see that our children are an extension of our love for one another and they need us together to demonstrate for them the love that created them so they will learn how to give and receive love freely. Lord, I know there is another woman who he has befriended and I believe she is tempting him with the promise of a happier more fulfilling relationship then the one he shares with me. She is wrong and I reject her attempts to take his love from me. Please help him to remember that marriage is a promise under God’s direction that lasts for a lifetime. Help him to see that as humans we are not perfect and we will make mistakes and hurt the ones we love. Help him to see that I have been hurt by his words and actions just as I have hurt him and help us both to fully forgive one another so we can begin to heal. Most importantly, help us both to be able to communicate with one another more openly and with honesty so that we both can better understand what the other’s needs are. Help us both to begin to unselfishly focus on the other’s needs and not our own. Send the Holy Spirit into our home and help us to start again so we can regain the love and passion we once had for one another. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen

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